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Calories - Efficiency
Campagnolo, Tullio
Cassette: A type of freewheel, which is a package of one or more sprockets fastened to a rear wheel with a racheting mechanism so that the bike can coast. Cassettes are a simple solid package of sprockets that attach to a racheting mechanism built into the hub, but generically, people may say "cassette" to mean any kind of freewheel.
Chainring: A single sprocket attached to the crank assembly
Chain Stays: The pair of thin tubes on a conventional diamond frame that extend from the bottom bracket to the rear dropouts.
Chainwheel: A collection of two or more sprockets attached to the crank assembly
Coaster Brake - a brake built into a rear hub. By turning the pedals a quarter-turn or so backward, the brake is applied.
Cog: 1.) A single rear wheel sprocket, or more generically any kind of sprocket. 2) A freewheel.
Cost - Compared to automobiles

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