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Facts, Bike Fact Book - Complete online ebook
Flat Tire, How to Repair - From BikeWebSite
Fork - a movable portion of the bike frame that holds the wheel that steers, generally the front wheel.
Fork Crown - a portion of the fork that joins the fork blades to the steering tube.
Fork Blades: The portion of a fork consisting of the twin tubes that surround and hold the wheel that steers.
Frame Taxonomy

Freewheel: One or more sprockets on the rear wheel that allow coasting. Some people will cass this "cassette" which more specifically means a series of sprockets that can be removed as a unit from a ratcheting unit built into the hub. Others may call it a "cog" which more generally means a single rear wheel sprocket. A true freewheel has the racheting mechanism built into the sprocket assembly, not the hub, and fastens to the hub with large diameter, closely-spaced threads.
French Standard - Component sizing
Front Wheel Safety Tab or 'Washer'

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