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Ratchet: - A system that allows freewheeling rotation (coasting) in one direction only.
Ratchet (tool): - A type of wrench handle that can turn nuts and bolts in one direction, but coasts in reverse so the fastener can be turned quickly and in limited space. Most ratchets are designed so sockets and extensions can be attached.

Reaction Arm - A lever that distributes the rotational energy to the frame when a coaster brake is applied, so the rear hub axle doesn't spin.
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Repair Techniques, Advanced
Rim: The outer metal ring of a wheel. Some people say "rim" when they are referring to the entire wheel, or the wheel without a tube and tire.
Rollerbrake: A brake by Shimano that is small in diameter, and fits on the left side of a rear hub, and sometimes on front hubs. It uses six steel rollers that press three brake shoes outside against a thin brake drum. These require periodic regreasing with a special "Nexus" grease, supplied by Shimano. Rollerbrakes are barely adequate for long service, being easly overheated on long downhill runs. You can find out much more at Sheldon Brown's page.

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