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Saddle: The official term for a bicycle seat.
Safeties - Bicycle History
Safety - Quiz
Safety, an Unconventional View - from BikeWebSite
Safety Tab or 'Washer'
Schraeder Valves
Schwinn - Component sizing
Screw and Bolt - You may think you know the difference.
Seat Stays: The pair of thin tubes on a conventional diamond frame that extend from the top of the seat tube to the rear dropouts.
Seat Tube: The tube on a conventional diamond frame that extends from the top tube to the bottom bracket.
Sheldon Brown
Skewer, Quick-Release
Society of Automotive Engineers
Spindles and Axles
Spoke Head: The end of a spoke that is bent and widened so it can be attached through a hole in a hub flange
Spoke Nipple: The special threaded nut that secures a spoke to the rim. Spoke nipples are most often made of brass and plated with a corrosion-resistant metal.
Sprocket: A thin, toothed wheel that turns or is turned by a chain. When the sprocket is attached to the cranks, it is often called a "chainring" or "chainwheel." Chainring generally means a single front sprocket, and chainwheel is a collection of two or more chainrings. When there are two or more sprockets on the rear wheel, these are generally called "freewheels" or "cassettes."
Standards - Component sizing
Start: How to Start a Bike Shop - Complete online ebook
Steering Tube: The heavy duty tube at the top of the fork that turns within the headtube.
Store, 5 Years in the Bike Shop - Complete online ebook
Strategy, Bike Shop Strategy - Complete online ebook

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